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I completed three articles for publication in 2013 on the post-divorce impact on the relationships between non-resident fathers and their adolescent children.

This research focused on aspects such as the attachment relationships between fathers and their children post-divorce, the psychological adjustment of adolescents post-divorce and the sense of well-being of adolescents who have on-going relationships with their fathers post-divorce.

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Psychological adjustment of adolescents post-divorce

What is a child custody or child access evaluation?

A child custody/access evaluation is a process in which a mental health expert, usually a clinical psychologist, evaluates your family and makes a recommendation to the court for a custody and/or visitation or parenting plan that is in your child’s best interest.

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The Effect of Divorce on Adolescents' Attachment to their Non-resident Fathers

The purpose of this study was to examine the post-divorce attachment security of adolescents to their mothers and non-resident fathers.

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The Influence of a Non-resident Father's Involvement & Adolescent Well-being

This study investigated the influence of non-resident fathers' involvement in the well-being of their adolescent children after divorce.

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Patterns of Contact and Involvement between Adolescents and their Non-resident Fathers

This study examined the patterns of contact and involvement between adolescents and their non-resident fathers after divorce in an ethnically diverse sample.

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