Neuro-psychological assessment of children by a clinical psychologist can assist parents, educators, health care providers, and third-party assessors to make decisions about the needs of children with various types of brain dysfunction.

This may include assessment of possible learning disabilities, genetic syndromes, and structural defects of the central nervous system, toxin exposure or traumatic brain injuries following birth or accidents.

Neuropsychological Evaluations

Neuropsychological evaluations are normally conducted by certified psychologists who have specialized training in neuropsychology and is composed of the following:

  1. A clinical interview and observations of the child,
  2. A clinical interview with parents and/or significant others,
  3. A review of relevant school and/or medical records, and
  4. The administration of a series of psychological tests that measure areas of brain functioning that may include: attention, executive functioning, memory, language, visual-spatial abilities, sensory-perceptual functioning, fine motor skills, academic performance, intellectual abilities, and behavioural/emotional functioning.

The selection of the psychological tests that neuropsychologists use will depend on the presenting problem, referral questions, and any documented or suspected diagnosis.

A comprehensive psychological report is provided to offer appropriate remedial strategies to best and most effectively address the needs of the child.

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